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We provide Accounting services and Accurate training & implementation that suits for your business. We have conducted Accurate training to more than 100 clients in various parts of Indonesia

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Accounting Services

We Provide Best Accounting Services for your Business

Accounting services are bookkeeping services that play a very important role in the company’s operations. Bookkeeping aims to produce accurate and correct tax calculations so that the company can analyze the condition of the company and provide neatly arranged financial reports

Financial Report Services

A. Daily Transactions

  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Bank
  • Cash

B. Monthly Financial Reports

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Lost
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • General Ledger
Financial Report Services
Financial Report Review Services

Financial Report Review Services

  • Checking All Input Transactions (Sale, Purchase,Cash Bank,Stock,etc)
  • Analyzing the Financial Statements That Have Been Made
  • Presenting Reports on the Results of Reviewing Financial Statements and Providing Advice on Related Financial Statements

Tax and Legal Services

A. Tax

  • Calculation and Reporting of PPh 21, PPh 23, PPh 25, PPh Final, PPn, etc
  • Calculating and Reporting of Annual SPT for Corporate & Individual Taxpayers

B. Legal

  • Akta Perusahaan
Tax and Legal Services

Training & Implementation

Below are the scope of the training, it can be one of them, in part or in whole, depending on the agreement before the training is carried out.

Training All Features Accurate

Setup Database


Accurate Consultation

Usage Review

Accurate Implementation

Why Choose Us?

We provide a different accounting service experience by offering bookkeeping services as well as education to the company team regarding accounting, taxation and Accurate systems with a team that is experienced in their field.

Why choose us

Data Entry

We perform data entry based on information provided by the company

Monthly Tax Administration

We provide monthly tax administration services in the form of PPh 23, PPh 4(2) and PPn

Review of Financial Statements

We reviewed the financial statements based on SAK ETAP

Calculation of PPh 21

We provide PPh 21 calculation services and other related policies

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